Mechanical Lead

Sept. 2016 - Present

 In charge of current and future research and development of 3d scanners and accessory hardware.  Worked with customers, production, and vendors to create a stand-alone kiosk for chiropractic waiting rooms.  This spanned from initial concepts and hand built prototypes to refined parts from vendors.  This was accomplished in conjunction with our production coordinator, assembly technicians, and software department to bring it to fruition.  This process spanned 4 months when the first few units were shipped out of the facility.  Once in production, the task of dealing with vendor issues as they arise to keep units being built and up to quality standards.  While keeping up with these issues, I led efforts to bring manufacturing of our part with the highest scrap rate in-house.  This involved spec'ing out a small CNC router, assembling it, testing its limits, and designing the required fixtures to machine this part.  In conjunction with the software department, I designed and built an automated calibration station that would allow the calibration and verification of a scanner engine in one location.   A modified Stewart-Gough platform was designed and 3d printed to allow for robust calibration along with a linear rail for the engine to move through the different steps involved.  These two projects were never fully finished due to a change in company leadership.


  • Mechanical Research and Development
  • Personally Prototyping, Concepts
  • Designing Parts in CAD (Onshape / Solidworks)
  • DFM / DFA to keep part costs down
  • Creating Drawings and Maintaining Revision Control (Onshape / Solidworks ePDM)
  • Sending new parts or revisions out to vendors for quotes
  • Working with the team to find and vet new vendors
  • Coordinated with production to solve problems as they were found while assembling products

Skills Acquired:

  • Building, Calibrating, and Using 3D Scanners
  • Simplifying Production with COTS parts
  • Thermoformed Plastics Design
  • CNC operation
  • CAM basics
  • Performing R&D on a small budget
  • Manufacturing Locally
  • Calibration and Assembly in-house
  • Important Vs. Urgent priority of tasks