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  • Kids Picnic Table

    This was a quick project to design and build a small picnic table for my sons second birthday party. We realized that we had nowhere for my kids and their friends to sit and eat during the party. This was designed and built in a few evenings and worked great for his party. It was…

  • Onshape Macropad

    This project was in my backlog for a few years. I had all the parts for it but never got around to finishing it up. It consists of some mechanical key switches, an arduino pro micro, and a custom 3d printed case. It is programmed to show up as an HID device and the keys…

  • Glow Cloud Project

    This was inspired by the Evan and Katelyn youtube channel video about buying vs diy\’ing a cloud that will glow based on the music. It consists of a few paper lanterns, some polyfill stuffing, a raspberry pi and speakers, and a string of rgb string leds w/ a built in bluetooth and music sensing. The…

  • Joule Laser Engraver

  • Custom Knife Giftbox

    Custom Knife Giftbox

    My dad had the same Buck knife for almost my entire life. Before he lost it, the main blade had be sharpened so many times, it was about half of the original size. Instead of giving him the knife by itself, I decided to build a custom walnut box to give it to him in.…

  • \”Random\” Numbers Box

    This was conceived after noticing my first son\’s love of the microwave and oven\’s displays. This was a project to get me back into building stuff after being out of the loop after having a baby. This consists of an Adafruit esp8266 feather board with 4x 7 segment display and an spi accelerometer. The feather…

  • Outdoor Chair Build

    My wife and I saw similar chairs from a high-end furniture store. I thought it would be an interesting task to design my own and build them myself. The chair was designed in Onshape around off the shelf cushions. They were built in a little over a week.

  • 3d Printers

    I have owned 3 separate 3d printers. Reprap 2012 – 3rd picture Built from a kit Printed but just barely Constantly tweaking the assembly to try and improve the prints Printrbot 2016 – 2nd picture Purchased preassembled Printed well for an open frame printer Prusa I3mk3 2019 – first picture Purchased preassembled Prints beautifully from…

  • Engineering is Awesome Tumblr

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